Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's dust this thing off...

Hey Youse all,

Just trying to get things back in order around here! I'm gonna post up some art stuff and man, I've been visiting some sites on my lunch breaks lately and do I EVER have something art-related to rant on about! But first, some comic things I promised are coming up soon! Now, to find that folder of images I moved to the other HD... my file organization is terrible!

Monday, October 25, 2010

An Introduction to Spiral Smiles!

Greetings and salutations, readers!
It's about darn time I started actually writing, but I think an introduction is in order so we're clear on what this is all about. I started this blog as sort of spill-over for my thoughts. I can get very...passionate about certain subjects and I want a place to vent where it's not either:

A. Detracting from my comic by being in my author's notes or

B. Sitting on my DA journal as fodder for complete jerkholes to mine for quotes and take them completely out of context as an example of my "rampant ego". (I could actually use an ego!)

I don't intend to say anything inflammatory or controversial...that's just not who I am. I take great pains not to offend people, but if someone is extra sensitive they will be offended anyway. Just try and take up any subjects like this into a private discussion by sending me a message, not loudly deriding me on my blog comment area. There's no sense in starting a fight in the comments areas, and if I've upset you it's between the two of us. However, if you just have a minor disagreement and would like to debate, you are welcome to comment it! I'm not an obstinate contrarian, my mind does change when someone offers a well-thought and articulated defense of their claim and not "you suck!" flame starters. Yes, everyone has an opinion, but sometimes not every opinion is necessarily valid. Elaborating your stance instead of responding with "no it isn't" ad nauseam will get you a lot more traction with me. There's nothing worse than an internet argument with someone who wants to be laconic, it just shows a contempt and lack of respect for the other person's stance without actually doing anything to bolster your side of the argument. And PLEASE avoid ad hominem attacks (attacking the arguer and not the argument) we don't need anyone stooping to that low around here, if you think someone is an idiot keep it to yourself! :P
That said, I hope merely discussion happens here and no arguments!

I would ask that swearing be kept to a minimum, but I'm not going to punish anyone for it.

Now that's all out of the way, what are we going to discuss here? Mostly, geek related things that I'm into: games, comics, toys, movies, and others. I'll also come in here to rant from time to time about something that's nibbling at my mind and preventing me from a productive work day. (Like right now...I'm out of Mountain Dew! Argh!) From time to time I'll post sketches , discussions and links to things I find helpful for other comic artists, perhaps I'll even do some reviews in the future. No promises though, so don't ask for a review please!

I hope you are entertained by what I write here, and keep in mind that sometimes I go for the faux dramatic so don't take too many of my silly allegories seriously. I'm trying to be silly and some people fail to understand that, and get a little too worked up over something I was trying to be humorous with. If I'm complaining about trolls, you don't need to come and tell me to ignore them. I usually do. But that doesn't mean I don't think something funny can be written from my misfortune sometimes!

Take care, be well, and have a fantastic week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well, it's a start!

Ahhh, first post. Just posting for the sake of it until I have something of worth to say! The blog is still under construction (I gotta figure out how to put up a title image still) and I'm dreading the CSS... html I have at least a limited understanding of, every time I've tried to use CSS it's been a failure. I feel like I'm completely blind when the sheet is completely blank and it's like "yeh, put whatever you want in there, it's not going to do anything". Didn't even align my title to the center like it said it would, poo!

Well, expect to see rants and rambling and probably some art from me in the future! See ya then!